Snapchat : Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel created Snapshat in 2012. 4 years later he possessed 2,1 billions  of dollars.

His private life

Evan Spiegel , was born on the 4th of june 1990 on Los Angeles.
His father name is John W. Spiegel and his mother name is Melissa Ann Thomas, they  are lawyers.
He has relationchips with the mannequin Miranda Kerr since 2015.
Spiegel grows a  Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles.
TechCrunch [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

His studies

He studied in the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences then  University Stanford and  exercised in the Otis College of Art and Design.

His project

He possesed 2,1 billions  of dollars in 2016.
His is entrepreneur and the founder of Snapchat. He was a billionaire at  24 years old. 
He created the application in 2011 called Pica­boo but it’s not important. 
In may 2012 he retry in call Snapchat then it  becomes a big application  for Apple  in 2012 then for android in 2012. 
Snapchat was for one Class project then he consolidated the project with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.
Snapchat is now an application with more than billion of dollars and at more than 110 000 000 Download in the world.


EVAN SPIEGLE was born June, 4, 1990 in Los Angeles . He is the son of Melissa Ann Thomas and John W. Spiegle, both lawyers.  He is an american internet entrepreneur.

This person has changed the world because now in the whole planet we can send pictures as well as share them between friend or not.

He is the co-founder of the mobile app Snapchat, which he created with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

He was educated at the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, and studied at Stanford University.

One of Evan Spiegel’s quote :

It’s important to be thoughtful and mindful about the things you say to other people.

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