« Oumuamua »

Year 2017 , was marked by the discovery of the first  one interstellar asteroid “Oumuamua” and of exoplanet located around of Trappist1, 7 were discovered and 3 would be potentially inhabitable.

Interstellar asteroid “Oumuamua”:

The origine of the object named  1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua) , was  confirmed . It is the first asteroid coming of somewhere else observed. The first measures show that it is very long “an extremely unusual form” for a asteroid . Some people wondered if  he can include an extraterrestrial probe! Oumuamua have been listened with a radiotélescope ATA, for approximately sixty hours and the results are negative , as planned.

Life elsewhere:

3 exoplanet similar size of the Earth, have been discover at 40 light-years of we and Could be partially inhabitable. Despite this uncertain , they are worth that we are interested in it, because they orbit around a little bright star what should allow to look for biosignatures there in a decade at the most. It is, for the moment, our best luck to discover of the life somewhere else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Skull                          Thigh                   Ankle                        Tibia                     Ribs

Coccyx                       Wrist                     Fibula                     Cervical vertebrae               Heel

Radius                      Calf                            Femur                       Hand                      Ulna        Scapula

Foot                      Humerus                     Phalanxes of toes                 Knee                       Clavicle

Phalanxes                 Elbow


A infinite grid where a square may have 2 stats, dead(black) or alive(white) who evolve in the time with simple rules like for example if a dead square has 3 full(alive) neighbour square she become alive to, whereas if a square alive have 3 neighbour alive she become dead.

Like we can see here they can exist forms who repeat , another who move and there are someone with this simples rules who as successful do the functioning of a clockwork

The constants forms(simple) : they are motif in the grid who repeat indefinitely therefore the forms the most adapt, the simple motifs are the line of 3 cells, square and another forms.



A blood drop contains about a billions of DNA strand. 

In « Jurassic park » , we can clone dinosaures because in the Jurassic a mosquito bites a dinosaure and sucks dinosaure blood, after that some of mosquito go on a tree and the sap can block him inside,   the sap cured then fossilize and becomes amber. Then scientific extracted mosquito blood who contains dinosaure blood .

One DNA drop contains three billions of genetic code, the DNA is very old so some drop miss, a super computer and auto genetic sequencer dissociates DNA drop in few minutes who show the lacks.

The scientific uses frog DNA to fill the lacks and reconstitutes the genetic code and you can create a dinosaure.

The DNA is put in a fertilized ostrich egg. In the movie there is not natural reproduction because all of dinosaures are females.


Grey’s anatomy was created by Shonda Rimes in 2005.At the moment It are consisted of 14 seasons. This serie traces the everyday life of several surgeons in hospital of “Seattle Grace”.The main characters are Meredith Grey daughter of a holder in general surgery, Elise Grey. Next they are also Derek Shepherd who is going to become her husband, Alex and Cristina them bests friends and Richard Webber the director of hospital.

Our opinions :

Q : I love so much that serie because it very interesting but I prefer the character of Bailey and I think that we do not speak enough about her.

Gomar : I like this serie, she broadcasts the life of the hospital.

Sissi : I adore this series especially the character of Meredith because it is a person very interesting with his spoke franc.