I choice the STL sector because I like science and the work in laboratory. In STL we have microbiology and biochemistry in laboratory and it’s very interresting. I like the atmosphere with my professors and my classmates. The hours of practical classes as well as the lessons are very enriching and interresting. In CBSV (=Chemistry, biochemistry and sciences of alive) I very appreciate learn of what consist the human being and how it works. I also appreciate the fact that math class are not too difficult. The professors are to help us in case of needs and take the time of the good toexplain everything. I also like the fact that with a regular work, controls are not complicate and there is not enormously. I don’t regret of choose this sector which for me is one of the most interesting sectors.

« Oumuamua »

Year 2017 was marked by the discovery of the first interstellar asteroid “Oumuamua” and of an exoplanet located around  Trappist1. 7 were discovered and 3 would be potentially inhabitable.

Interstellar asteroid “Oumuamua”:

The origin of the object named  1I/2017 U1 (‘Oumuamua) , was  confirmed . It is the first asteroid coming from somewhere else observed. The first measures show that it is very long “an extremely unusual form” for an asteroid . Some people wonder if it can include an extraterrestrial probe! Oumuamua has been listened to with a radiotelescope ATA, for approximately sixty hours and the results are negative , as planned.

Life elsewhere:

3 exoplanets of a similar size to the Earth have been discover 40 light-years from us and could be partially inhabitable. Despite this uncertainty , they are worth getting interested in it because they orbit around a little bright star which should allow to look for biosignatures there in a decade. It is, for the moment, our best luck to discover life somewhere else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Skull                          Thigh                   Ankle                        Tibia                     Ribs

Coccyx                       Wrist                     Fibula                     Cervical vertebrae               Heel

Radius                      Calf                            Femur                       Hand                      Ulna        Scapula

Foot                      Humerus                     Phalanxes of toes                 Knee                       Clavicle

Phalanxes                 Elbow


A infinite grid where a square may have 2 stats, dead(black) or alive(white) which evolve in  time with simple rules like for example : if a dead square has 3 full(alive) neighbour squares she becomes alive too whereas if an alive square  has 3  alive neighbours  she becomes dead.

As we can see here there can bet forms which repeat , another that moves and there are people with these simples rules who manage to create the functioning of a clockwork

The constant forms(simple) : there are motifs in the grid which repeat indefinitely therefore the forms which adapt the most, the simple motifs are the lines of 3 cells, squares and other forms.



A blood drop contains about a billion of DNA strands.

In « Jurassic park » , we can clone dinosaurs because in the Jurassic era a mosquito bit a dinosaur and sucked a dinosaur’s blood, after that the mosquito went on a tree and the sap  blocked him inside,   the sap fossilized and became amber. Then scientific extracted the mosquito blood which contained dinosaur blood .

One DNA drop contains three billions of genetic codes, the DNA is very old so some drops missed, a super computer and auto genetic sequencer dissociates DNA drops in few minutes which showed the lacks.

The scientist used frog DNA to fill the lacks and reconstitute the genetic code and you can create a dinosaure.

The DNA is put in a fertilized ostrich egg. In the movie there is no natural reproduction because all dinosaurs are females.