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Straining iss a muscular damage that happens after a rupture of numerous muscular fibers.

Muscular straining takes place during a muscular effort (in 90% of cases straining is a sport accident)


The types of pain:

  • Intense
  • Brutal
  • Sudden
  • Imposes an immediate stop of the activity


How can we recognize it ?

  • Deformed aspect  of the muscle
  • Appearance of hematoma and oedema


Probable cause:

  • Important stretch
  • Violent effort
  • Excessive or insufficient training


How to avoid it

  • Serious warm up
  • Progressive training
  • Adapted nutrition and hydration


A muscle is made up of several cells or muscle fibers organized in parallel bundles along the length of the muscle.

Each muscle fiber is itself composed of several myofibrils, intracellular units that contract and allow movement.


Straining at the molecular level:

The muscle fibers are “broken” and myocytes can no longer function

They are broken because their elasticity no longer works (they have been extended too much)