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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer develops among  women. We can distinguish five symptoms like: a lump Under the breast, nodes from the armpit, a change at the level of skin and nipple, a change of form or size and other symptoms:

  • A lump under breast: A lump under breast is a clear sign of breast cancer. This lump doesn’t hurt but it’s hard and includes regular contours. It’s attached to the breast.
  • Nodes from the armpit: There are several hard masses under the arm the don’t hurt.
  • Change at the level of skin and nipple: The change at the level of skin can be a redness,an  aspect of orange skin or oedema.
  • Change of form or size: heat feelings can appear at the level of the breast.
  • Other symptoms: if the disease is not detected, other symptoms can spread in the body like bone pain, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, panting, headaches and double vision.

Different treatments exist according to the case to treat  breast cancer like surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. According  to the case, this treatment can have different effects according to the person and level of tumor:

  • Delete tumor
  • Prevent tumor from coming back
  • Slow down the development of tumor
  • Improve the comfort of the person by drug