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Our microbiology lab

We have 4 hours by week .

During this 4 hours we study bacteria contaminations , evolution and destruction.

There are lot of rules to handle in security like to keep lab coat always because we can be  contaminated every time. The equipement is the bench, wash bottle,

Bunsen burner, safety goggles, lab coat, heat resistant gloves, fume hood.

We must wash the bench before and after to travel on it.

Sure Bactery wich we manipulated can developed many pathology so We wish it with bleach and we switch on the bensen burner to disinfect the bench. With there bactery we can do a lot of experiment :Gram(fixation of bactery on slives to observe it),…

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer to develop among than women. We can distinguish five symptoms like: a lump under breast, nodes from the armpit, a change at the level of skin and nipple, change the form or size and other symptoms:

  • A lump under breast: A lump under breast is a clear sign that breast cancer. This lump doesn’t hurt but she’s hard and includes contours regulars. She’s attached to breast.
  • Nodes from the armpit: There are several hard masses under arm doesn’t hurt.
  • Change at the level of skin and nipple: The change at the level of skin can be a redness, aspect of orange skin or edema.
  • Change form or size: heat feelings can appear at the level of the breast.
  • Other symptoms: if the disease is not detected, other symptoms can spread in the body like bone pain, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, panting, headaches and double vision.

Different treatment exist according the case for treat the breast cancer like the surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. According the case, this treatment can have different effects according the person and level of tumor:

  • Delete tumor
  • Avoid tumor come back
  • Slow down the development of tumor
  • Improve the comfort of the person by drug


The straining was a muscular damage what happened next a rupture of one number more important to muscular fibers.

The muscular straining take place during a muscular effort (in 90% the staring is a sport accident)


The types of pain:

  • Intense
  • Brutal
  • Suddenly
  • She impose an immediate stop of the activity


How does he recognize himself?

  • Deformed aspect muscle
  • Appearance of hematoma and edema


Probable cause:

  • Important stretch
  • Violent effort
  • Excessive or insufficient training


How to avoid them?

  • Serious warm up
  • Progressive training
  • adapted nutrition and hydration


A muscle is made up of several cells or muscle fibers organized in parallel bundles along the length of the muscle.

Each muscle fiber is itself composed of several myofibrils, intracellular units that contract and allow movement.


The straining at the molecular level:

The muscle fiber are “broken” and myocytes can no longer function

They are broken because their elasticity no longer works (they have been extended too much)






  • Meats, fish and eggs: it allows an iron contribution and in proteins, which is essential for our muscles.


  • Starchy foods, cereal and cereal products: we can find in this category pastas, potatoes, rice, bread, corn, cereal typify oat flake, the semolina what have for them brings carbohydrates in the form of sugar in the bodysuit


  • Vegetables and fruits: this group brings vitamins, minerals and fibers as melon, pineapple, strawberry and salad and beans.


  • Dairy products: this category brings some calcium and proteins, as yoghurts, milk and cheese.


  • Fats: it is here that we find all which is oil, butter, fats of cooking, sour cream


  • Products sugars: we find in this category all that we call slow-burning sugar or quick-burning sugar.


  • Drinks: as the tea, the coffee and the water. These allow to hydrate the body, allow a contribution of mineral salts.