Maëlyce and Ephrem

In the science and laboratory technology, the lessons are composed of lessons in whole class of 25 and of laboratory work in group reduced of about 15 people.
The advantage are:
• The laboratory work (microscopic observation dissection, dosage, bacterial identification…)
• Smaller class compared to general class so more dialogue with the teachers which helps us more
• We talk about concrete things more interesting ( with a situation concrete in the laboratory work)

The inconvenient are:
• Busy week with 33 hours so we have very little break in the week
• We see the same teacher during 12 hours of the week for the laboratory work and the lessons of CBSV.
• In the chemistry, biochemistry and science of life (CBSV) the lessons are all know by heart.

Our time us:
• 2 hours of Spanish
• 1 or 2 hours of English
• 3 hours of French
• 4 hours of Math
• 4 hours of micro-biology
• 4 hours of biochemistry
• 3 hours of history
• 3 hours of physics chemistry

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