Alicia and Lauryne

The STL or Sciences Technological of Laboratory is a very scientific sector with many differents subjects (Microbiology, biochemistry, Chemistry Biochemistry and Science of the alive, physical, mathematics…) and that’s why the week is really filled: 32 hours against 28.5 for the sector S (high school diploma). But with this sector it’s possible to discover many things concerning the daily life: the functioning of the body (proteins, various vital devices (urinary, digestive)), on the environment and what to entour us (the water, the medicine). One of the advantages is that the classes are not very filled ( 20-25 pupils) so the professors can better explain. But at the end of the year of the first one the court repeats enough (even works practice) only the element of search which changes for example on the practical class of volumetric dosages we shall change simply chemical substances.

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