My life in an article

My name is Célian. I am 12. I was born on 2nd October 2004 in Chalon. I live in Montret in Burgundy  in Saône & Loire. I have 1 brother. His name is Flavien. I have 1 cat. I practise table tennis. I hate ratatouille with carrots and broccoli. I don’t like school. I enjoy pizza and sports. I always play video games. I am kind and extremely funny.

My brother is 11. He was born on 25th January 2006 in Chalon. He lives in Montret with me. He has 1 brother. His name is Celian. He has 1 cat. He loves English and table tennis. He hates dancing. He likes basketball. He is extremely funny. He never plays football.

My last article


Hello, my name is Corentin Girard, I’m 13 years old.
I was born on 15th April in 2004 in Chalon sur Saone.
I have a big sister and I have one dog.
I live at 26 a rue du Moulin, in St Christophe en Bresse.
I love basket-ball and videogames. I’m sporty.
I like fireworks very much.
I hate school and bananas!
And my best friends are Gabriel, Yoni and Noah… I’m not really a girls’ best friend.
My favorite teacher is Mme Guéry, she is always nice, and Mme Mierral-Gros,she is a good English teacher .
And that’s it!
Good bye everybody ;)!

My life

Hello , my name is Romane .I’m 13 years old.

I was born on February 29th in 2004 in Châlon sur saône.

My mother lives in Baudrières with me and my father lives in Rully.


I have 1 sister, her name is Olivia and I have one brother his name is Louis.

My mother is Sabine and my father is François.

I have one dog her name is Neyssa, she lives in my mother ‘s house.

I have 2 cats their names are Chocapic and Nalla ,they live  in my father’s house.

I have one best friend , Lyson .


I like animals and I enjoy nutella.

I don’t like carrots;

I don’t practise sport.

My life

My name is Léa.

I am 13.

I was born on May 18 in Chalon in 2004.

I live in Lesssard-en-bresse.

I have 2 brothers.

I have a rabbit.

I enjoy dogs.

I love kebab.

I never practise sport.

I am kind.

My Best Friends


My best friends is Constance.

She was born on March 17 in Chalon in 2004.

She is 13.

She lives in Saint-Germain-Du-Plain.

She has 2 sisters and 1 brothers.

She has a dog.

She loves dogs.

She practices baseball.

She is kind.

My life

My name is Julie

I am 13

I live in St Vincent En Bresse

I was born in Chalon Sur Saone on 10 July 2004

I have two brothers

I like singing. I don’t like snakes

I practise RJ = singing and dancing

I want to be a teacher.

I am kind.

My best friends are Lyson and Romane

My father is Alain

He’s 49

He lives in Saint Vincent En Bresse

He was born in Oslon on 24th november.  He has two sisters

He likes football and dogs.

He plays is football.

He is kind.

His best friends are Jean-Francois and JP.

Lilou’s life

My name is lilou . I am 12 years old . Iwas born on November 18th in 2004 in Chalon . I am an only child , I can’t stand broccoli and I hate spiders . I love dancing , I practise dancing       twice       week  on Tuesday and Saturday ,I love drawing . My favorite color is blue . My favorite subjects are art and English . My favorite teachers are Mme Mieral-gros and Mme Rodriguez . My best friends is Lola .

My personality !!!

My name is François,I’m 13, I live in St Etienne en Bresse , I was born on 2Nd July 2004 in Chalon. I have 1 sister, her name is Flavie, she loves Horse riding. But I haven’t got A brother. I have 3 cats. I hate JUL, but I like electro-music. I love kebab. I often ride my bike in the  forest.
My best friend is Tristan, he is 13. He lives in lessard, he has 1 brother and 1 cat. He likes rap and electro-music too.

My life

My name is Lola. I am twelve years old . I was born on December 6th, in 2004 in Chalon sur saone . I have two brothers and four sisters. I have one cat and four chickens . I will be a vet. I am kind, I often dance. I love music and dancing, I enjoy animals. I hate spiders, I don’t like football and broccoli. My favorite color is blue. My best friends are MaÏlys and Lilou. My favorite subjects are Arts and French, I don’t like Maths. My favorite food are chips.

My life …

My name is Samantha . I live in French . I like English but I don’t like histrory. I’m crazy about Carpfishing . My best friend is Clarisse . I have one brother ,a dog , a cat and a mouse .I always practise Carpfishing .My father is Paul. He’s 40 years old. He was born on April 30th.He lives in French . He likes mecanics , he doesn’t like football . He has one brother , his best friend is Cyril. He is kind . He plays handball . I want to be a fireman.