[Réflexion] Peace train – Léa Aujal & Clara Myard

peace_trainIn English class, we have watched an interview of three people. Two were attacked and the other one saved them. The story could be simple except that the reason why they were punched is their origins. Indeed, they were Jews. How can such a thing still happen ?

We’re going to tell you the entire story but before that, let’s go back in time. In 1924, while he was in prison, Adolf Hitler wrote a book called « Mein Kamft » meaning « My fight » in English. This book set up the basis for an anti-Semitic ideology. In 1933, Hitler became « chancellor » and remained so until 1945. For 10 years, this man led an anti-Semitic policy which excluded and exterminated the Jews.

But did it end with this monster ? Not really ! Check out our story :
It’s the night and two young people board the train to head home after a Hanukkah party. Almost immediatly a group of riders comes up to them and beat them up to death. The male victim has a black eye and a split lip. Suddenly a random man jumps in and graps the attackers to pull them to the side. And as the girl mugged realizes today : « He saved us. No one else helped us. And that is quite shocking ! »

We are in 2015, 70 years after the second World War and anti-semitism is still present. So the real question is : Why does this still happen ? 

And you, what do you think about that ? 

Léa Aujal & Clara Myard – Terminale ES
Cours de Patrick Flores


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