A French group lost in Barcelona streets…

A French group lost in Barcelona streets…

An exchange between the French stud and Spanish stud was organised by Mrs Vitorino spanish teacher to chaumes high school and accompagnied by Mr Gosset.

This exchange consiste in going to discover a new country and to make discover our country to other pupils.

from France to Spain

The french stud left to spanish from 2th to 9th may 2018 contrary to Spanish stud from 20th to 27th April 2018.

The students of seconde 3 and 6 spent a great trip as Charlotte said « it was verry funny because I learnt a new culture »

They ate many typic meals, Augustin said « the meal is very good. I ate leeks with sauce, churros with chocolat, tapas and bruchetta».

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The French stud slept in the family houses’ with their correspondant. Lorie said “I watched Spanish movies with all members to the family”.

They went to shopping in Barcelona with only teachers and visited old Barcelona.


At the end of the travel the departure was very difficult “its was terrible that I cried” said Margaux.

From Spain to France

On the contrary when the Spanish stud ale, they preferred the French high school as the Spanish high school. Armand said “it was very modern and colorful contrary to my school”.

Also the loved Avallon city because it was more verdent than their country.

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During their trip, the Spanish stud visited many cities : Avallon, Dijon, Auxerre and Vézelay.

They discovered the French culture, Génis said:  » The houses are very monotonous unlike Spain. »

Many things surprised them for example how we carry our school bag.


To conclude, this exchange has improved languages to students.

A full article written by Mrs Vitorino is available on : Spanish Exchange : Avallon – Mollerussa