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The Unsolved Death of Christopher Marlowe

The mysterious death of Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe was an English playwright and poet living during the Elizabethan era, known for being the author of Dr. Faustus. Among other things, he was suspected of being a spy for Her Majesty’s government, a heretic, a counterfeiter, a homosexual and an atheist.
The mysterious conditions surrounding Christopher Marlowe gave birth to many conspiracies that try to answer the question: Who killed him and why? 

Let us unfold this interesting 500 year old tale and reach a
conclusion for ourselves.

Queen Elizabeth was not the only person who would have wanted Marlowe dead. Potential killers like Sir Walter Raleigh or Sir Robert Cecil who wanted to disassociate themselves from Marlowe’s propaganda. Another suspect could have been Audrey
Walsingham, jealous of her husband’s relationship with the playwright.

Some other people believe the « fake death theory »: Marlowe faked his death in order to flee his country’s impeding danger. The people who believe this also claim that while safe in another country he continued to both write and produce then send his works back to England. As he is supposed to be dead, Marlowe’s plays were supposedly credited to none other than William Shakespeare!

However, we have no evidence for any of these theories therefore we can not affirm that one of them is right.

No matter what the real reason is, on  May 30th , 1593, the world lost a literary talent. Shakespeare  paid homage to Marlowe in « As You Like It » when he wrote:

« Dead shepherd, now I find thy saw of might,Who ever loved that loved
not at first sight? »(As You Like It, III.v)

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