Dimanche matin: chateau de Blarney

Barney Castel and garden.
On the Sunday 29th April, we went to a Castle and its garden. In this castle, there is a stone which gives eloquence. It was very exciting! We were split in different groups. We began to visit the gardens and after the castle. Nous avons commencé par longer la rivière. Puis nous sommes allés dans la forêt pour revenir enfin au château. Dans celui-ci, nous avons put monter au sommet pour admirer la superbe vue et Blarney Stone, Enfin nous sommes repartis pour manger et reprendre la route.


Nicolas et corentin

Saturday: Titanic expérience Cobh

Today we visited a museum about the titanic. The titanic was the largest boat designed at the time. It was built in 3 years by 3000 people. The boat is finished in 1912. He did his first trip with three stops. The trip was to last 6 days. The guide explained that some people jumped before the boat started . Rich people take the boat and are first class in a large room with 1 bed sofas and space as well as a toilet room available. The 1st class are the highest place in the boat. The floor below is the second class and still below are the 3rd class. Their rooms are very small with 2lit bunk there was no lettecticite nor water in their room. There are 2,500 people who boarded. The titanic hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912 around 11:40 pm. The boat sank on April 15, 1912 at 2:20. The captain ordered the boat to leave immediately because of the water filtering from underneath the boat and starting to sink it. A reconstruction of the spit was performed. There were 20 lifeboats but unfortunately it was not enough to evacuate everyone. 700 people survived and 1,500 people were in danger. The causes of death are hypothermia, people get stuck in the cabin or in the control room such as the pilot and the commander. We were dealt cards with the name of a passenger who was on the titanic when he sank, and in the end we looked at whether he was dead or had survived. At the end of the visit we were able to buy some souvenirs if we wish.

By Thomas K,Thomas S, Édouard C, Valentin et Alice

Vendredi: Visite de Killarney dans le Kerry

today, we have visited a central natural park. we have seen a beautiful landscape, such as a warerfall. we stopped in front of a mansion, the guide explained his story and his name is « Muckross House ». the mansion was built by an English family during the war. At the beginning the park possessed 5000 hectares. In 1861 Queen Victoria passed into this mansion, where she stayed for two nights. She had promised to give the title of the order and edict to the owners but she did not do so because her prince died and the promise fell into the water. The owners sold it to an Irish family, after which the Irish sold it. Then the last owners are dead and the mansion was bequeathed to the Irish state and it became the first national park of ireland
after, we ate in a shopping center and after we went on a fly boat, whose name is « pride of the lakes »
which means « fierté des lacs ».
Finally, we did shopping because we were in free time.
emma swierczek/ justine/ mélina/ ocehann/ chloe

Initiation au football gaélique et au hurling par Noa

On thursday we went to a gym to try a a famous sport in Ireland : gaelic football. It is a mix of basket-ball, football and rugby. It plays with a ball you can keep it in your hands but not for too long you must then pass it to someone else. You’re also able to bounce the ball on the ground and kick it. The coach made us do some basic exercices for example we had to follow a toute between to set of cones : run, bounce, follow around and then pass. We had a competition between boys and girls. The winners got to try hurling another irish sport played with a wooden bat named a hurl and a ball. It plays a little like hockey.


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Initiation aux danses irlandaises par juliette L et Siloé

Yesterday we went in an Irish pub to dance and drink. Between two beers we drank a Pepsi. We learnt two differents dances.
L’ambiance était vraiment sympa, entre les clappements de mains et le bruit des verres sur les tables. Il y avait un violoniste et un accordéoniste pour mener la danse.
Irish are very festive!



note des professeurs: une touche d’humour irlandais s’est glissée dans ces lignes…

Cork By Florian, Pierre and Alexandre

This thursday morning we visited the city of Cork which is the second city of Irlande.

The beginning of the visit was in the rain but fortunately the sun has reappeared

We were accompanied by a guide, Paul, who showed us the famous buildings and squares of the city as the England indoor market, indeed the queen Elizabeth II has been to this market during her trip in Irlande.

Thanks to Paul for his visit to Cork which was very  Interesting !



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