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The 3 Wicked Witches

« Macbeth and the Creature from Hell »

Editions Didier – A book written by Roger Morris

The book


In the front page, we can see Macbeth holding a dagger in the middle of the page. The title of the book is located at the top of the front page. VB

The front cover is very bright, intriguing and a little bit mysterious. We can see a man with a beard holding a knife and the hand of a mysterious creature.



The story

Level A2 -> B1

The story is based on William Shakespeare‘s play. It takes place in Scotland, in Medieval Ages in the year 1040.

The characters are :

  • Macbeth, who is the Lord of Cawdor,
  • Lady Macbeth, Macbeth’s wife,
  • Banquo, Macbeth’s best friend,
  • three witches,
  • King Duncan,
  • Beelzebub.

Three witches foretell that Macbeth will become King of Scotland and Banquo’s son will be King after him. Beelzebub is a demon who was changed into a mouse by the three witches and he follows Macbeth in the castle, reads Lady Macbeth’s thoughts and forces them to murder the King Duncan. Macbeth follows the order of his wife, and after the murder of King Duncan, he thought  about what the witches had said. So he decides to kill Banquo’s son. He kills Banquo but his son manages to escape. After that, Macbeth becomes the king but suddenly the ghost of Banquo appears to him only; Macbeth becomes insane, and Lady Macbeth shows a strange behaviour too. At last, Macbeth and his wife go to the hell and die in much pain.



Look at the students’ booktrailer :

The students’opinion

To me,  it is an interesting book and I like this kind of stories, especially when it is about kings and murders.


I loved the book because I find it bloody. I also liked “Macbeth and the Creature from the Hell” because there are blood and murders. What I don’t like in the book is that the story is very long and the meaning is sometimes complicated too.


I think that it is a book to read if we love the Medieval Ages. But it is a little boring because there are lots of characters and after the death of the main character, we don’t understand the story very well.



Listen to VB ‘s opinion :