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A Sticky Wicket

« Killer Sports »

Editions Didier – A book written by Philippa Boston

The book



On the front cover of the book we can see two characters: two men who are practising sport. They are fighting. The background is green.



The story

Level A2 -> B1

The story is a fictitious story. It takes place in England, in Stoke Brunswick, in 1920.

First, the main character is George Daventry, a teenager who works for Lord Corman. George Daventry polishes the Lord Corman’s family shoes.

Then there is Lord Corman: he is very nice. Then there is Mr Carter who is the butler and he is authoritarian.

At last there is the chauffeur: Mr Fender and he is less authoritarian than Mr Carter.

One day Lord Corman saw George Daventry playing with a ball and asked him to play in the team of cricket. The son of Lord Corman will teach him how to play. Afterwards they will play a big match with the opposing team.


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The students’opinion


I loved Killer Sports because I find it captivating. I enjoyed reading the first part because we learn a lot about the evolution of sports. I liked the second part because the characters are so realistic.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to play cricket because I’m not interested by this sport: I prefer basketball. Basketball is more dynamic than  cricket.


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