Do you know us?


Hi! What’s up ?

Do you know us? 

We are teenagers like you.

We decided to attend The european option.

We’re fond of the culture and the english language.

We want to share our interests…


We had the idea to give the name « FahrenheitBlum71 » to our blog

    when some of us went to see a play adapted  from

« FAHRENHEIT 451 » by Ray Bradbury


To know more about this outing in Lyon, read the following article written by O.Simon, teacher : 

In December, 47 students went to Lyon with their English teachers.

In the morning, they saw a play adapted from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

It was a first for many students to see a play in English. It was quite hard and challenging at the beginning but they finally enjoyed this new experience.

In the afternoon, they visited an exhibition dedicated to Fred Deux’s artwork. This French artist’s disturbing style surprised the students a lot. Many thought the paintings were weird.

In brief, this outing was synonymous with discovery and suprise for the students!


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