Do you know us?


Hi! What’s up ?

Do you know us? 

We are teenagers like you.

We decided to attend The european option.

We’re fond of the culture and the english language.

We want to share our interests…


We had the idea to give the name « FahrenheitBlum71 » to our blog

    when some of us went to see a play adapted  from

« FAHRENHEIT 451 » by Ray Bradbury


To know more about this outing in Lyon, read the following article written by O.Simon, teacher : 

In December, 47 students went to Lyon with their English teachers.

In the morning, they saw a play adapted from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

It was a first for many students to see a play in English. It was quite hard and challenging at the beginning but they finally enjoyed this new experience.

In the afternoon, they visited an exhibition dedicated to Fred Deux’s artwork. This French artist’s disturbing style surprised the students a lot. Many thought the paintings were weird.

In brief, this outing was synonymous with discovery and suprise for the students!


Who is Banksy ?

Banksy is an anymous street artist who paints in the streets with stencils. He comes from Bristol but he paints also abroad, for example in the USA. 

His favourite symbols are the monkey and the rat.

He does not sell his paintings even if they certainly cost much money.

He gave a painting to the Bridge Farm primary school ( in Bristol ) to thank the children for having named a building « Banksy ». The children were cheerful.

Finally, his paintings are funny, satirical and COLOURFUL.

Seconde Euro Maths

We visited an exhibition : « Cartooning for peace »


The exhibition Cartooning for Peace was held in the main hall of the high school more than a month ago. The two main topics were peace and cartooning. There were different subjects such as children in wartime, the environment, censorship or the Near East


Cartooning was first created because many people could not read in the past. Cartoons are mainly published in newspapers. Moreover, the most famous cartoonist is Plantu. The association « Cartooning for peace », was initially created in 2006 to defend people’s freedom of speech. Eponymous exhibitions were also created for the same purpose.


Cartooning has several goals – first, it gives messages about burning issues. Secondly, it denounces serious problems and finally it makes people laugh about them. 


     Maewenn found this exhibition interesting because she learned many things about the environment
     Valentin worked on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. It was unknown to him
     Finally, Simon studied the Internet and its dangers. He found the information quite useless because he already knew about this topic.


Inès B. –  Emilie B. – Coraline D. – Emma D. – Eline H. – Maewenn H. – Anthony L. – Maxime M.  – Simon M. – Mailys M. – Maelys R. – Valentin T. 

The food around the world

We will introduce 8 traditional dishes from around the world.

First, a traditional Swiss dish :


Cheese with potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and cold meat (bacon, ham …)

Next, a traditional Russian dish :


A soup composed of beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, celery, beef balls and onions.

Next, a traditional Japanese dish :


Shrimp fritters that can be served with sauce and vegetables.

                                        Next, a traditional Indian dish :


Veal mixed into curry with salad and garlic served in a wok.

                                         Next, a typical American dish :


Chicken wings always served with sauce.

Next, a typical Mexican dish :


Tacos are composed of a corn tortilla that is full of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

                                        Next, a typical Portuguese dish :


The pasteis de nata is a typical Portuguese dessert. It’s composed of a flan  sometimes with cinnamon.

                                          Next, a typical French dish :


The bœuf bourguignon is a French dish composed of beef cooked with red wine, mushrooms, carrots and onions.

Bon appétit !

Anthony and Maewenn

Stranger things


Strangers things is a horror and science fiction series. There is suspense all along the series. Matt and Ross Duffer have created this series in the United States.

It started when Will  (Noah Schnapp) was gone missing in Hawkins when he returned back home after a party with his friends- Mike, Dustin and Lucas (Finn Wolfhard,  Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb Mclaughlin.)

Then his mother and brother looked for him  with his friends. They discovered mysterious Eleven nicknamed Elf. Elfe came from the laboratory of Hawkins where children with psychic powers were created.

The family and friends of Will were helped by Jim Hopper, the sheriff of the town. Eleven made the teenagers discover the upside down, and Will’s mother could speak with her son … 

« The Champions League »


« The Champions League » (C1) was created by the FIFA in 1955. The 1st season of this very known competition took place in 1956.

The 1st winner of the C1 was the Real Madrid. They won against Reims 3-2 in final. At this time its name was « The Cup of the Champions Clubs ».

The last winner is the Real Madrid. They won against the Juventus Turin 4-1.

II) Statistics

The most successful teams are :

  • Real Madrid (12 times champion)
  • Milan AC (7 times champion)
  • Bayern Munich (5 times champion)

The most successful players :

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (122 goals)
  • Lionel Messi (100 goals)
  • Raùl (71 goals)

Valentin T. and Maxime M.


A travel to Morocco

Morocco is a country located in North Africa , in the south of  France and Spain .

There are near 34 million people for a surface of 446550 km square.

This country is a constitutional monarchy lead by the king.

The capital city is Rabat and the city which is the most popular is Marrakech because there are a lot of tourists who come from all over the world to see the palaces like the palace of Bahia , its  gardens , its  mosques like the mosque Koutoubia and its jewels.

There are lots of shopping centers like the Menara Mall or the carré eden which is located in the modern area called Guéliz.

The very luxurious area called l’Hivernage is famous world-wide especially thanks to the stars like Cristiano Ronaldo,…

Inès and Océane

Ligue 1 conforama

  The Ligue 1 conforama is the first league of the French professional football.

There are twenty teams. The two worst teams are known as the « Domino’s Ligue 2 » ; the third worst team will play a match against the third team of the « Domino’s Ligue 2 ».

The three best teams will have a slot for the « UEFA Champions’ League » ;  the fourth team will have a slot for the « UEFA Europa League ».

     If a team wins a slot in the champions’ League,  wins the « Coupe de France » and the « Coupe de la Ligue »,  the fifth and the sixth team will get a slot for the « UEFA Europa League ».

The most awarded club from Ligue 1 is the A.S. Saint-Etienne with 10 victories.

The team with the most consecantly wins is the Olympique Lyonnais with 7 wins.

The team which has the most seasons is Olympique de Marseille followed by the FC Sochaux-Montbéliard with about 60 seasons both.

Jacques and Simon


   Today, we want to talk about series because we are crazy about that like every teenager.

The most popular series are on the application called Netflix. Nevertheless, you have to pay this app because it’s legal. According to us, it’s better to pay and have an amazing app.

First of all, a series is composed of between 2 and 6 seasons, in general there are between 10 and 25 episodes which last around 45 minutes.

The 5 best successful series on Netflix are:

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Riverdale

Our favorite one is LA CASA DE PAPEL –  It’s a group of people who want to borrow the house of paper. Their goal is to make money without hurting or killing someone.

Emma – Maelys

« 13 reasons why » : a drama series

        13 reasons why is a drama series.

It’s an American series which is inspired from the novel written by Jay Asher.

     The main characters are Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. Hannah and Clay are 17- year-old teenagers.

One day, Clay receives a box containing 7 tapes. Each tape has 2 sides : A and B. They were saved by Hannah before her death. On each side a person is referred and is responsible for her suicide – her friends.

There are 13 reasons which caused her death, that’s why the series is called like that.

We liked it because we love drama series and because it’s realistic.

There is a lot of suspense, and when we watch an episode,  we want to watch the following one …

Elina and Maelys


« 13 reasons why » (Jay Asher)

       Hi everyone !

Recently I read a new book : 13 reasons why !

Waouh! I think it’s  one of the best books I’ve ever read !

Because you know I’m not a  very big book reader,  but this one is very interesting and it conveys an important message for us, teenagers It talks about bullying at school and the effects it can produce. I will sum up the story :

Hannah Becker, a  young girl who committed suicide is going to explain why and more particularly the 13 reasons why she killed herself. After her death, the first person who caused her to commit suicide receives a box, and after that, he has to give it to the next person. In this box there are 13 tapes  ; each tape matches with one person who bullied her. The last of them, Clay Jensen,  has received the box but he doesn’t behave like all the other ;  in fact,  he doesn’t  follow Hannah’s instructions. He’s going to denounce theses facts to the police and try to change things….

I hope that you’d like to read that book now. It was adapted in a series, so,  if you don’t like to read,  you can watch the series,  that’s  cool too !

See you soon ! M. J.