Hello everybody ,

What do you think about series ?

If your are lost in Netflix we are gonna give you our top5 :

5 : Teen Wolf : This story talks about different teams of wolves. In all the seasons there are 4 characters who are very important. There are some  scary moments. The first season was  a little bit boring, but the other ones were really better.

4 : The end of the f****ing world : It’s a story about a boy who is a psychopath and who’s fed up with life. He wants to kill someone but he’s gonna fell in love…

It’s really strange but it’s very interesting to see the mind of a psychopath. we really like this series.

3 : La Casa de Papel : It’s the story of eight people who organise a super hold up in the spanish house of money. They spend 5 months in a countryhouse to planify it. Moreover there is a friendship story and a love story even if it’s not allowed. This story is very addictive.

2 : 13 reasons why : This is a story of someone who’s bullied at school and she committed suicide. Before she recorded some audio videos where she said why… she sent those cd to the people who hurt her.

1 : Riverdale : This story talks about a city where everything changes after the murder of a teenager « Jason Blossom ». We follow the story of friends and their family after the drama. We really like this story because it’s a mix between a murder story and a friendship/love story.

And you, do you agree with our top ?

Salomé G. and Candice M.

Why we gave the name « FahrenheitBlum71 » to our blog

We had the idea to give the name « FahrenheitBlum71 » to our blog

    when some of us went to see a play adapted  from

« FAHRENHEIT 451 » by Ray Bradbury

To know more about this outing in Lyon, read the following article written by O.Simon, teacher : 

In December, 47 students went to Lyon with their English teachers.

In the morning, they saw a play adapted from Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

It was a first for many students to see a play in English. It was quite hard and challenging at the beginning but they finally enjoyed this new experience.

In the afternoon, they visited an exhibition dedicated to Fred Deux’s artwork. This French artist’s disturbing style surprised the students a lot. Many thought the paintings were weird.

In brief, this outing was synonymous with discovery and suprise for the students!