Cette année encore, le Lycée Prieur de la Côte d’Or a le grand plaisir d’accueillir quatre jeunes étudiantes venant des quatre coins du globe grâce au partenariat de l’établissement avec l’association AFS (American Field Service), agréée par le Ministère de l’Education Nationale, avec qui il a signé une charte internationale en 2015.

Ane BASMO vient de Norvège, Yume Furuta du Japon, Emma Knipp des Etats Unis et Elena Montaruli d’Italie. Ces jeunes filles, âgées de 16 ans, sont accueillies par quatre familles du Val de Saône dont elles vont partager le quotidien pendant 9 mois et avec lesquelles elles vont apprendre le français. Elles suivent leur scolarité en classe de première avec nos lycéens et cette expérience unique pour elles va leur apporter un enrichissement culturel et linguistique extraordinaire.

Bienvenue à elles !
Marie VADOT, référente AFS Lycée Prieur

  • Sur la première photographie:

De gauche à droite Ane, Emma, Elena et Yume

  • Sur la deuxième photographie:

Les quatre étudiantes AFS avec leurs
correspondants qui les accueillent avec leur
famille : Loup Misir et Ane, Laureen Girard
et Emma, Elena, et Léa Mussard, Yume et
Carla Coqueugniot.

European day of languages 2017

For this special day, our teacher decided to shoot a video clip in which our class lip-sinced to a song called “Happy together” by the Turtles. We had to learn the lyrics of the song. Each pupil represented a European country. For that, each of us had made a poster with the flag of a European country (28 on the whole) plus its name in English and in its original language.

We sang in groups of three or four. There were 2 sound engineers, 2 cameramen and 2 photographers. Our teacher edited the video.

After that, five people designed posters where they wrote the word “together” in different languages. Their work will be displayed in some classrooms.



It was a very funny day!
For this special day, we had to do a poster of what European day of languages made us
think about, we also had to do a short video in which we said what it made us think
Our favourite part was the snack! Some of us brought cupcakes, pudding, cake and other
delicious things!
Miss VADOT prepared some games which gave us the pleasure to learn really
interesting information about the continent where we live.
Finally, I want to say that it was a pleasant activity to do and, I think all my classmates
agree that we are delighted with that experience!


We celebrated the European day of languages on the 26th of September 2017, in our
English class.
Each pupil brought food specialities from different European countries: Poland, United
Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Belgium …
We tasted almost all of them, and it was delicious!
We also had to make posters about that special day.
It was a very good experience to share different recipes, taste new food, we all spent a
very good time!
After this breakfast, we took the picture you can see in this article.

Les lycéens de Prieur ont vécu une expérience unique et extraordinaire à l’étranger !

Lancez-vous aussi dans l’aventure et contactez AFS sur (agréée par l’Education nationale, avec laquelle le Lycée Prieur a signé une charte internationale)

Living abroad with AFS

8 pupils studying at Lycée Prieur de la Côte d’Or have chosen to discover new cultures, to live and study abroad for a few months. How enriching!

Guillaume Flagollet, 19, Russia, August – June 2014-2015

Ella Delabays, 17, America, August – June 2015-2016

Louise Mussard, 17, Canada, August – November 2015

Cloé Portefin, 18, Australia, January-August 2016

Mathilde Maitrot, 16, Canada, August – November 2016

Laurie Marceau, 16, Canada, August – November 2016

Marion Laissus, 16, Finland, August – June 2016 -2017

Elsa Fèvre, 16, Germany, August- June 2016-2017


Guillaume in Russia

Louise (on the right) and Hannah

Ella (on the right) in the USA


Cloé in Australia


Mathilde (second on the left) with her Canadian friends

Laurie (on the right) with Magenta

Marion (on the left in a red dress) at her school Ball in Finland

Elsa (third from the left) with her AFS friends



Témoignage de Laurie

Hi! I’m Laurie and I did an exchange in Canada with AFS. For me, these two months were a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to discover the Canadian culture and to meet amazing people. During my journey there, I did some local activities… But I also went to school! (Here is my parenting class on the picture)
I hope to get the chance to go back in Canada in my future!

Témoignage d’Elsa

Hello I’m Elsa.

I have been living in Germany for 7 months. I live in the village of Pinsweiler (Saarland) and I go to Wendalinum School in Sankt Wendel. I study maths, French, German, religion, geography, biology, English, physics and social economy. I like my school, I now have friends in my class. I bought a ukulele and I learn how to play it. During AFS meetings, I meet all the foreign people and I love that because we are like a family all together. We are all friends. In these photos you can see my AFS group and two of my best friends (one from the USA and the other from Switzerland)
I love my family in Germany, they are very nice to me. I have improved my German a lot. I understand when German people talk to each other.
Going abroad has given me the opportunity to meet new people, to discover another way of life and to improve my knowledges of the German culture. I hope I will be bilingual by the end of the school year.

How to be artistic and develop a talent in our high-school ?

In Lycée Prieur, we can develop our artistic abilities by choosing the subject of plastic arts as an option. Indeed, you can choose it in our high school from the fisrt year to the last year. I’m going to present you this subject interviewing one pupil who has decided to follow this course.

« How can you actually describe this option ? »

« Well, it consists in creating a work of art according to a specific pattern like recycling, or drawing out of a paper, or in progress… During more or less one period, we work on this work of art step by step. We can use a lot of materials, like paper, canvas, paint, colour pencil, cardboard and so on so forth. »

« Is it different from what you used to do in your junior high-school ? »

« Oh yes, definitely ! You have a theme and you must find which project you will do to illustrate this theme. You must search and find some meaning in your work of art and explain it to the class. Consequently, you are much freer for the use of material for example. »

« How many hours a week have you got? »

« We have about three periods a week if we consider a normal schedule. »

« Have you got any idea of how the baccaleaureat test will be organized? »

« For the baccaleaureat, we’ll have to bring all the works of arts that we would have made during our final year of  »terminale » in the high school. During the test, we’ll show all your works of art and we will get marks by different teachers. »

« Ok , thank you for your explainations ! To finish, which extra-curricular activities can you do to get the best chance of success outside school ? »

« There are many possibilities ! When you choose this option, you can attend an arty club for instance. It can help you to get support in order to prepare a project as you Personally this year, I have also met a movie director, a person who is sponsoring Fontainebleau castle and a plastic artist. »

« Perfect ! Thank you so much for answerinf my questions ! »

« No problem, that was a pleasure ! »

Interview between Mathilde Combasson and Arnaud Rouget 2°4